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Police Beat

police beat by Richard Matros
On Jan. 11, a driver for a local pizza delivery was investigated for hit-and-run when a customer noticed damage to his vehicle the morning after a delivery. The victim found pieces of a tail light lens next to his vehicle. Later, after some investigation, he noticed that all the parts did not match his vehicle.
    On Jan. 12, a Woodinville resident reported a nuisance phone call after someone called to solicit money for the "Four Fallen Seattle Fire Fighters" (Pang warehouse fire). The resident, wife of a firefighter, was aware of a scam operating in this manner and that no legitimate source is soliciting by phone for this cause. She heard a TV and voices in the background of the call.
   On Jan. 12, a residential burglary near the 18800 block in Woodinville was reported. Suspect(s) entered the residence sometime between Jan. 8 and Jan. 12 and stole shotguns from the master bedroom closet. The suspect(s) and method of entry are still unknown. Estimated loss was $2,000.
   On Jan. 13, unknown suspect(s) entered a local ice cream parlor, presumably during business hours, and turned off the display freezer. The perpetrator had to have some knowledge of the freezer layout because it took a screwdriver to turn it off. When the store was opened for business the next day, all items in the freezer were thawed and ruined. Loss was estimated at $550.