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Why should I vote for the school levy?

school levy After all, I'm retired and my income consists of Social Security and a small pension. I have no children in school and although I have grandchildren, they live in another state, so why should I pay for the education of someone else's children?

Avoid fear and vote rationally

school levy Next week is the election for Northshore schools, on February 6th. It will determine the next three years of my children's education. I do not want them to have less than the quality they have now.

This time an easy decision

school levy Five years ago, my wife and I faced a difficult decision. I had been transferred to this area and we had to choose where to settle. Like many people facing this decision, the quality of the education available to our children was the primary force in our selection.

Schools, kids, deserve the best

school levy I bet you haven't been inside a school for quite awhile, right? Well, why not take some time to do just that, soon, and see what exciting, innovative projects and activities the students of Northshore work on daily.

Providing distorted information is not honest or ethical

Northshore Schools I recently read a letter about the Northshore School District in [another newspaper], and the inaccuracies in the letter really bothered me. I also understand that some people are attempting to discredit the Feb. 6 school election by distributing false information.

American freedoms a sham if property can be taken so easily

eminent domain Okay, so my husband and I are avowed environmentalists who believe if more people don't act as wise stewards of their land, we'll condemn future generations to a bleak existence on a barren planet.

County should stop wasting tax dollars suing the public

wasting taxes The Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearing Board, responding to opposition requests for reconsideration, rejected the urban designation of the Novelty Hill Urban Planned Developments (Blakely Ridge and Northridge).

Services to help students with special needs

special needs Do you know of a child with special needs? Perhaps you know of a student with a leaning or developmental disability? Many services are aviable to assist families with resource information and educational options for their children.