Why should I vote for the school levy?

school levy After all, I'm retired and my income consists of Social Security and a small pension. I have no children in school and although I have grandchildren, they live in another state, so why should I pay for the education of someone else's children?
   First, others helped pay for my children's education, even though some were retired and on Social Security or had no children.
   Second, I cannot think of a better investment in the future of our country than having a well-educated population.
   Third, the Northshore School District is one of the outstanding districts in the State of Washington, if not the country. Because of this, the district has attracted a population that cares about its future.
   And fourth, my taxes will not increase by passing these issues, as all it will do is extend the time to pay off the levies.
   If I, or you, vote "no," we will deprive our youthful population of much-needed equipment and facilities. Then, sometime in the future, the School District may find itself in the situation of the Seattle School district: dilapidated facilities because maintenance has been "deferred" to meet other needs, and outdated equipment which will make the graduate ill-prepared to meet the challenges of life.
   Then you, and I, will be asked to increase our school taxes and be reluctant to pass any levy, as has happened in Seattle.
   When I was a City Councilman, I pledged not to increase the City Tax Rate of $1.60 without voter approval, and I kept that pledge.
   A YES vote for the three School Levies will NOT increase our tax rate. I urge each and every voter to VOTE YES on the Northshore School Levies.
   The district needs two things for the Levies to pass, a 60% yes vote and a 40% turnout. Please vote.

Bob Dixon, Woodinville