This time an easy decision

school levy Five years ago, my wife and I faced a difficult decision. I had been transferred to this area and we had to choose where to settle.
   Like many people facing this decision, the quality of the education available to our children was the primary force in our selection. We spent considerable time and effort investigation school systems.
   What we read, what we observed, and the commitment of the community in consistently passing their bond and levy issues led us to believe that Northshore is where we wanted to be despite the higher housing costs and nominally higher property taxes.
   Over these last five years, we have been quite involved in out children's education. Helping in the classroom has exposed us to many excellent teachers. Involvement in the PTA and other functions has brought us in contact with several outstanding building administrators.
   We have also sought to investigate and influence some district-wide decisions and found our school board and central administration to be accessible, approachable, open, and exceptional. We made the effort to obtain accurate information (rather than formulating opinions on emotion, rhetoric, and misinformation) and found the district's decisions and policies to be well-conceived and well-executed. In short, we feel strongly that we made the right decision in settling in the Northshore School District.
   On Tuesday, February 6, we will have another decision to make. We have been presented with the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the exceptional educational quality that we have experienced firsthand through our vote on this year's bond and levy issues.
   Each of the three issues is critical to the district. Again, we have taken the time to get the facts on where the money comes from and how it is spent.
   The M&O levy is critical to the continuation of quality classroom programs and manageable classroom sizes. The capital bond issue allows our schools to renovate some of the district's older buildings and permits the district to continue to address the growth it has been experiencing and which is expected to continue. The technology levy allows our students to keep up with the changing world around them by giving them reasonable access to current technology. To us, this is an easy decision.
   How our school district operates in 1997 and 1998 will depend on 60% of the Northshore voters approving each of the proposed bond and levy issues. We believe that it is in everyone's interest to support these three issues. The combined impact of all three issues only maintains the current tax rate.
    Before casting your vote, I would ask each voter to consider the value of our exceptional reputation in education and the impact a failed bond and levy issue would have. The impact of the additional funds on the quality of our educational system is significant. The impact to our property values because of the loss of the Northshore's exceptional reputation in educational quality would be significant, overshadowing any reduction in property taxes.
   A yes vote on February 6 will benefit all residents of the Northshore School District.

Chuck Hadjinian, Woodinville