Schools, kids, deserve the best

school levy I bet you haven't been inside a school for quite awhile, right? Well, why not take some time to do just that, soon, and see what exciting, innovative projects and activities the students of Northshore work on daily.
   Talk to the students, hear what they have to say, and meet the folks who make it happen all year long. You don't need to depend on sensationalism in the media or hearsay from the streets.
   Go see for yourself. Then, on February 6, vote "yes" for our schools.
   A yes vote will ensure continued quality educational programs and services in Northshore, will fund renovations, repairs, and upgrades to facilities, and will provide computer and telecommunications support vital to our future work force. And, best of all, there will be no tax rate increase! This election simply replaces the old levy/bond issues.
   Our kids need us, our community needs us, our schools need us. This is not the time to count on someone else doing it.
   Apathy will destroy us. We need to focus on our goals, keep our target in mind, and do what needs to be done to maintain the best.
   We have a phenomenal district, superior teachers, outstanding support personnel, and fantastic kids. They deserve the best, they deserve our support. Vote yes on February 6.

Patty Harrison, Woodinville