County should stop wasting tax dollars suing the public

wasting taxes An Open Letter to the King County Council:
The Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearing Board, responding to opposition requests for reconsideration, rejected the urban designation of the Novelty Hill Urban Planned Developments (Blakely Ridge and Northridge).
   As you recall, the Board remanded the issue to you and the rest of the County Council to either:
   1) Prove that the sites qualified as "fully-contained communities under the State Growth Management Act" (this will be a nearly-insurmountable task);
   2) Justify the UPDs for the inclusion in the urban growth area under the existing statutes (meaning a site already characterized by urban growth, adjacent to an urban area, etc.);
   3) Deny the UPD applications and designate the site as rural.
   We were appalled to learn that the King County Council has ignored all of these options. Instead, our council--with questionable wisdom--defied the state order and approved Blakely Ridge! As if that weren't subordination enough, we've learned the County then filed a lawsuit against the Growth Management Board!!
   The Growth Management Act was written with citizen input to help protect us from runaway growth. The state has ruled in favor of abandoning the UPD designation. Now, we ask you--as our elected representatives--to respect this ruling and to stop wasting our tax dollars suing us!

Jon & Robyn Waite, Duvall