Services to help students with special needs

special needs Do you know of a child with special needs? Perhaps you know of a student with a leaning or developmental disability? Many services are aviable to assist families with resource information and educational options for their children.
   If you would like your child assessed or if your child is already enrolled in a special education program, the Washington State Parent/Educator Partnership Project can provide you with a free publication, "The Eagle Book." This is a comprehensive guide to special education services in Washington State. They will also gladly add you to their mailing list for a quarterly newsletter called "The Pep Rally."
   Other groups that provide information and support are Washington P.A.V.E. (Parents Are Vital in Education), the ARC of Washington State (Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Disabilities), Parent-to-Parent (a one-on-one parent support system), and C.H.A.D.D. (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder).
   If you have reached an impasse with your local school district, Special Education Mediation is now available free of charge to families. This program is sponsored by O.S.P.I., but is administered by private, impartial mediators provided by Sound Mediation Group.
   You may reach these organizations at the numbers listed below:
   Wa. State Parent/Educator Partnership, 1-800-422-GOAL; P.A.V.E., 1-800-5-PARENT; the ARC of Wa. State, (360) 357-5596; Parent-to-Parent, 1-800-821-5927; C.H.A.D.D. of Snohomish County, (206) 435-0314; and Sound Options Mediation Group, 1-800-692-2540.

Carol Ludwick, Chris Brinkley, Family Partners, Wa. State Parent/Educator Partnership Project