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Northridge FEIS available at local libraries

UPD Proposal would put 4,150 more people on Novelty Hill

Northridge FEIS by Jeff Switzer, Staff reporter
BEAR CREEK--On the heels of the Blakely Ridge urban planned development (UPD), the proponents of Northridge UPD have just issued the final environmental impact statement (FEIS) for the "intensively developed urban community" that would put an additional 4,150 people south of Novelty Hill Road and create as many as 3,750 jobs.
   The Bear Creek area could face the development of the two UPDs at the same time. Blakely Ridge, which received approval from the King County Council in December, is wrapped up in litigation as grassroots organizations opposing the development have filed suits against the County Council and the Growth Management Hearings Board.
   In spite of the lawsuits, Blakely could break ground this fall. Northridge is a few steps behind Blakely Ridge, though greater in magnitude. Blakely Ridge sits on 1,080 acres owned by Port Blakely Tree Farms; the Northridge UPD would be constructed on 1,046 acres on the western portion of the 1,506-acre Quadrant property. Quadrant is a subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser.
   Blakely Ridge is planned to be an active senior community, with 2,450 units, an 18-hole golf course, and a retail complex. Northridge would encompass 1,300 to 1,500 residential units, including 304 multi-family units, and an eight-acre neighborhood shopping center comprising 105,851 square feet of space. Blakely Ridge and Northridge combined would have an approximate population of 8,203, with 3,750 housing units, and would create 4,193 jobs.
   According to Northridge's FEIS, 40 to 60 truck round-trips are expected during the construction of Northridge from spring to fall. With the additional residences, the Northridge FEIS predicts an increase of 1,055 emergency calls for police, which translates into approximately 4.2 officers, and an increase of 355 emergency calls for fire aid. Quadrant has agreed to fund jointly the construction of a 9,600-square-foot fire station and the acquisition of fire and emergency medical services equipment "when needed."
   As a result of the proposed development, approximately 995 new students are expected to be enrolled in Lake Washington School District, equivalent to 26 elementary classrooms, seven junior high classrooms, and five senior high classrooms. Because of the additional students, 12 acres of Northridge will be dedicated for an elementary school site and reserve additional land for district acquisition.

Parks and recreation
   Northridge would have 536 acres of passive open space and 25 acres of active recreational facilities, including a 10-acre public park with softball and soccer fields.
   Approximately 41 percent of the site (29 percent of the Quadrant site), or 432 acres, would be cleared. About 602 acres would remain open space for sensitive areas and wetlands.
   Hearings on Northridge's FEIS are scheduled for this spring. Property owners within 500 feet of the proposal will be noticed by mail of the hearing time and location.