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Local police beat

police beat by Richard Matros
On Jan. 17, a public school was evacuated because of a bomb threat. A phone call from an unknown suspect who sounded youthful said a bomb was in the building and it was going off in one hour. A search was conducted and no bomb was found.
   Also on Jan. 17, two suspects were cited for third degree theft after leaving a local grocery store without paying for three pounds of crab legs, valued at $30. A photo of the crab legs was taken for evidence.
   On Jan. 22, an anonymous person brought a bag of old shotgun shells to Woodinville City Hall for disposal.
   Also on Jan. 22, a suspicious circumstance was investigated after a patron at a local restaurant had to be transported to Evergreen Hospital when he suddenly became ill. When medics arrived the victim was coughing and complaining of burning eyes and lungs. A witness reported that "maybe someone sprayed mace at the table." About an hour earlier that evening, two companions of the victim had been ejected from the restaurant for trying to obtain a free meal.
   On Jan. 23, a man was booked for investigation of third degree theft for allegedly stealing cigarettes from a local convenience store. The suspect was in the store for about a half-hour in the morning, acting suspiciously. After he had left the store, there were several cartons of cigarettes missing. Later that day, the suspect was spotted at a local tavern asking everyone in the bar if they wanted to buy a carton of cigarettes for $10. Police were called and the suspect was subsequently arrested. The store security video tape was booked as evidence.
   Also on Jan. 23, near the 17100 block of 131st Ave. NE, unknown suspect(s) cut the passenger side plastic windows of a Jeep and stole a briefcase and tools valued at $2,700.00. The victim had parked the Jeep in the apartment parking lot at about 1 a.m. and found the damage at about 5:30 a.m. A search for evidence was negative.