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Fate of Bothell trestle remains undecided

Bothell trestle by Jeff Switzer
The fate of the trestle in Bothell where Michael Schuerhoff fell to his death earlier this month is still up in the air as representatives from King County Parks and the City of Bothell met last week to discuss the options.
   Craig Larsen, director of King County Parks and Cultural Resources, and Bothell representatives walked a portion of the trail and visited the trestle.
   As temporary solutions until the long term decision is made, the Parks department replaced the no trespassing signs that were down and are considering having another go at putting up fences, though it is not known when.
   One option being considered is removing the trestle. Other options involve capital improvements to the trestle, either making it similar to the crossing 400 feet to the south with 4-foot railings, or enclosing it with a chainlink cage, similar to the bridge over the tracks at Carkeek Park in North Seattle.
   The river is currently at the high water mark, making it difficult to evaluate the condition of the trestle's supports.
   Capital improvements to the upper part of the bridge would add a significant amount of weight to the trestle, making it necessary to also improve the support pilings.