Guest Editorials

Vote YES on school propositions

school propositions by Citizens for Northshore Schools
Northshore voters are being asked to go to the polls Tuesday Feb. 6 to support three propositions for the Northshore School District. The three measures are necessary, especially due to a recent reduction in state funding.

Imprecise child abuse laws do more harm than good

child abuse by Rep. Bill Backlund, 45th Legislative District
If they could, lawmakers would pass laws granting social workers special powers, enabling them to divine the truth in all child abuse cases. Unfortunately, magic of that nature is still the stuff of fairy tales and movies.

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Perhaps it's time to rename the city of Woodinville

rename Woodinville In the spirit of the times of modernization and market management, I think we should rename the city of Woodinville. After all, there are many local issues that are redefining the area.

Professional sports teams alone don't make us a 'big league' city

big league city The current concerns regarding the Seahawks bring us to where we should look at our value systems. Is Seattle a "Big League City"? Of course it is, but not just because we have Big League ball teams.

Enriched by the increasing diversity

increasing diversity One of last week's very cold nights, I was out walking the dog and made a stop at the local grocery store. When I entered, the main sound I heard was an animated conversation in Spanish. It seemed to enliven and warm the winter night.

Politicians subvert the people's vote

votes subverted Concerning HB-2223: The real issue is, what part of NO didn't you understand! I, for one, am fed up with voting on various issues and initiatives and then having the politicians decide what's right for me and go ahead and subvert my vote.