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Second suspect pleads not-guilty in stabbing at Woodinville gas station

not-guilty plea by Jeff Switzer, staff reporter
A Redmond man has been released on personal recognizance after pleading not-guilty last week to the charge of first-degree robbery for his role in the late night stabbing of a gas station attendant and robbery of the Woodinville B.P. Gas Station on Dec. 6.
   According to prosecutors, Matthew Cangie, 20, agreed to drive the getaway car for Jeffery Sager and his juvenile accomplice in their planned robbery of the gas station. Cangie left the area after waiting five to six minutes, before Sager and his accomplice could return to his car.
   Sager, 18, pleaded not guilty to the amended charges of two counts of first-degree robbery for his role in two similar robberies: the Dec. 6 late night stabbing of Todd Okerman, the service station attendant working the night of the robbery; and the May 14, 1995 robbery of the same service station.
   Sager was arrested shortly after the robbery. On Dec. 7, Woodinville officers arrested Cangie on suspicion of participating in the crime, though he was released and no charges were filed.
   Sager remains in custody with bail set at $75,000. A hearing regarding the charges is scheduled for Feb. 5, and a trial date could be set as early as Feb. 6.