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Emergency crews kept busy as snow falls, temperatures drop

A snowball's chance...

best sledding

Sledders found the best place to get up slippery speed was on the hill above Woodin Elementary.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

overturned car

An overturned car on 146th in Hollywood Hill was a sign of the times.
Photo by Tonya St. Berg.

martian snowman

Martians land in Woodinville!
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

car towed

Traffic was backed up on Woodinville-Duvall Rd. as a tow truck pulled a car out of the ditch after it apparently lost control on the slick road.
Photo by Rick Leib/Woodinville Weekly.

snowy park

The snow caused accidents and inconvenience, but it also gave the landscape a timeless tranquility.
Photo by Wade Williams/Woodinville Weekly.

winter storm by Jeff Switzer
People from snowier climates tend to laugh when the Seattle area shuts down when the white stuff hits, but many East Coast cities don't have to deal with the crazy hills the Northwest has to offer.
   The big winter storm--continually postponed, predicted far enough in advance to allow for three days of trips to Costco for foodstuffs--finally hit on Jan. 27. Luckily, it came on the weekend when many could stay at home and not worry about the commute. Unfortunately, the commute proved as hazardous days later as sub-freezing temperatures made the snow and ice nearly permanent fixtures.
   Wind chilled? Temperatures more appropriately found in Vermont hovered in the mid-20s and fell to the low teens when the wind kicked up in the Woodinville and Bothell areas. Shoppers made runs to local stores for space heaters, gloves, ice scrapers, and sleds.
   Even though schools were closed, many kids went to the school playgrounds anyway to find the best sledding hills away from traffic and trees. Woodin Elementary had a regular rotation of TV crews and kids ages two to 42 turning out with sleds, skis and cardboard boxes to make the run between and towards the brick buildings.
   The Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District responded to many area fender-benders plus a rollover on Hollywood Hill. The driver was wearing a seatbelt, however, and no injuries were reported.
   One person called to complain about ash falling from the sky, though it turned out to be snow.
   In all, the fire district responded to 10 weather-related accidents, most occurring between the Hollywood Hill Schoolhouse and Woodinville-Duvall Road. Aid crews also responded to the report of a sledding accident on Jan. 29, where a child suffered a leg injury.
   On Jan. 30, aid crews responded to a bicycle accident, the rider suffering a head injury after biking on the ice without a helmet and succumbing to the laws of physics.
   Aid crews were called out to six slip-and-fall calls and four about thawing water pipes. Cliff Griffin, fire district battalion chief, said that as the weather turns warmer, they will be flooded with calls of thawing and leaky pipes.