WHS Cheer Squad leads clinic for elementary students

cheer squad

The Woodinville High School Cheer Squad.

cheer clinics The 12-member Woodinville High School Varsity Cheer Squad will lead clinics for area elementary first grade through sixth grade students on two evenings, Thursday, Feb. 8, 5-7 p.m., and Friday, Feb. 9, 6-7:30 p.m.
   Following the Friday session, students participating in the clinic will get to show their skills during halftime at the Woodinville/Juanita girls basketball game. The clinic will be held in the WHS cafeteria and the game starts at 7:30 in the gym. Several youngsters have already registered, but all interested first through sixth graders will be welcomed at the door.
   "Cheerleading is a combination of athletics and school leadership," explained Darcy Vitulli Stearns, Woodinville High's Cheer Advisor. "Learning dance routines and stunts, then performing three to four times a week makes cheering a strenuous endeavor. Added to that is the importance of providing a focus for school spirit and worthy role models for others. I'm pleased that our team is willing to offer this opportunity to future high school students. Everyone should have fun learning something new!"
   The Cheer Team is enthusiastic about working with students from nearby elementary schools. The clinic is a community outreach program designed to provide younger kids with positive role models, help kids develop school pride and to offer a safe, fun learning experience for elementary students.
   The $20 cost for the clinic includes three hours of learning cheers, chants, and a dance routine, adult supervision, a commemorative T-shirt, a Falcon pom-pom, plus an invitation to cheer at the basketball game and halftime show. Proceeds of the clinic will go toward funding the training and uniform costs incurred by the Cheer Team.