Jennifer Dunn speaks to Eastside Breakfast Club on budget concerns

Jennifer Dunn Representative Jennifer Dunn, 8th Congressional District, addressed the monthly meeting of the Eastside Breakfast Club on Wednesday, February 7.
   "There is a profound debate in Congress," said Dunn. "The democratic process is not designed to be smooth."
   Dunn explained that the current debate centers on passing a balanced budget, reforms in the size of the federal government, income tax reform, and crime prevention.
   The Republicans, with a majority in both the House and Senate for the first time in 40 years, are calling for a balanced buget by the year 2002," Dunn said. "It is a myth that we want to give tax breaks to the rich. Our constituency is the small business people and individuals. We want to give tax relief to them," she said.
   "We want to give more power to the local level, decentralize the power of the federal government, and support government closest to the people," she added.
   Dunn described the support of the governors for more power to the states and the complexity of getting accurate messages out to the public on issues and recommendations.
   "We want to have a broader expansion of IRAs to cover the stay-at-home person, give estate tax relief by having family businesses exempt on estate taxes to $1.5 million in value, give family tax credit back to 1995 to families with children under 18, and smaller extenders such as reducing the jet fuel tax to bring down the cost of tickets," said Dunn. "With interest rates down, people can buy houses and have more money to invest," she added.
   As the debate with the President continues, explained Dunn, there will be compromises on capital gains, estate taxes and other budget items.
   In a question and answer session, Dunn said she supports all the Republican Presidential candidates and will get behind the one that can beat Clinton.
   Responding to questions about Forbes and a flat tax, she said that 75% to 80% of the American public supported the idea, but that it was more complicated to put in place than being discussed. Dunn encouraged voters to keep in touch with her on issues.
   The Eastside Breakfast Club mets monthly and is open to business owners. The next meeting will feature Glen Phillips, Litigation Attorney, speaking on litigation cost containment. Environmental issues, dealing with insurance companies, retaining counsel, large vs. small firms, fees, and many more topics will be covered.
   The meeting will be held on March 6 at 7:30 a.m. at the Crab Cracker Restaurant, 452 Central Way, Kirkland. The cost is $8 at the door. For reservations, call Craig A. Nevil at (206) 462-7017 or fax (206) 455-5099.