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Approval of school issues will make a tremendous difference

school issues On behalf of the Northshore School Board, let me say Thank You! Your approval of last Tuesday's Levy and Bond Election will make a tremendous difference to each of our 19,000 students.

Volunteer effort of parents, school staff phenomenal

volunteer effort The Northshore community is incredible! As we celebrate the passage of our Levy/Bond Proposals, we need to shine the spotlight on the 500-plus parents and school staff who faithfully placed phone calls.

Kind and compassionate people offer help

help offered The effectiveness of the newspaper was certainly proven beyond a doubt. On the first day, hardly before the ink was dry, we had a response to our ad asking for a donor of a computer for Canterbury Square Condominium.

Opportunity for Woodinville to go down in history

Civic Center On Feb. 5 the Citizen's Advisory Panel presented to the Woodinville City Council study session the results of their three-month study of the Civic Center proposal.

Ride herd on culverts instead of fish pools

Hollywood flooding Whatever costs are incurred by the City of Woodinville in coping with the excessive Hollywood Intersection flooding on February 8th should be repaid by King County's Surface Water Management (SWM).

Tax dollars from Grace would help lighten fiscal load

Grace annexation I strongly support the Grace annexation. Here's an opportunity for Woodinville to include within its city limits an industrial area whose future development can only add to our tax base!

City decisions should be put to a vote of the people

city decisions In the spirit of the excellent letter in the Feb. 5 Woodinville Weekly by a Mr. Bill Stankus, I would like to add a few [new names for Woodinville].

Mad rush to ensure shopping dollars

shopping dollars Right on, Mr. Stankus! We couldn't agree with you more! If we had wanted to live next door to a strip mall, we would have bought a home in Kirkland or Redmond.

Don't wait for traffic accident to be impetus for action

school traffic My husband, young son, and I live at the bottom of NE 156th Street and 216th Avenue NE, the western approach to Eastridge Elementary School. Every weekday morning, I witness cars, delivery vans, and buses whizzing up our street at speeds well in excess of the speed limit.

Woodinville should be proud of its high school drama department

WHS drama Thespians from Bellevue Christian High School were privileged to participate in the Washington State Thespians Convention at Woodinville High School Feb 2-3.

County blatantly supports special interests

special interests I am angry and ashamed to live in a county that so blatantly supports the interests of special interests over those of its citizens. The language in Chris Vance's proposed ordinances to turn the Novelty Hill UPDs into FCCs is utterly disgusting.