County blatantly supports special interests

special interests To King County Council members:
I am angry and ashamed to live in a county that so blatantly supports the interests of special interests over those of its citizens. The language in Chris Vance's proposed ordinances to turn the Novelty Hill UPDs into FCCs is utterly disgusting:
   "Except for the Blakely Ridge and Northridge Fully Contained Community designations in Policy U-210, no Fully Contained Communities are needed in King County."
   The current Comp Plan states now that FCCs are NOT NEEDED!
   Why are such actions being taken to carve out special rules for two developers? It was shocking enough that eight of you chose to ignore the state and approve Blakely Ridge despite their orders to delete the projects, or bring them into compliance with the GMA.
   No one is being fooled by this effort to change the name of these unwanted and unneeded cities.
   Stop ignoring the demands of the Bear Creek communities and drop your lawsuit against the state. Attempt to justify these UPDs, as is, to the Growth Management Hearings Board if you can, and call off your allies in the state legislature that are trying to gut the Growth Management Act!
   You are not acting in the interests of the citizens you are elected to represent. Say "NO" to your developer contributors, honor your oaths of office to defend the GMA, and stop embarrassing the voters who believed you were ethical and responsible when they voted you into office.

Michael Costello, Redmond