Opportunity for Woodinville to go down in history

Civic Center On Feb. 5 the Citizen's Advisory Panel presented to the Woodinville City Council study session the results of their three-month study of the Civic Center proposal.
   As has been reported in the Woodinville Weekly, the Sorenson property has been declared excess by the Northshore School District, and to their credit, they chose to give the City of Woodinville first chance to buy the property.
   What an opportunity this presents to our City Council and eventually to the citizens of Woodinville, who will choose by ballot to set aside this choice property for posterity.
   We all have an excellent opportunity to go down in history as people who cared enough to set aside these athletic fields, these classrooms, and these civic meeting rooms for people to use now and in the future.
   Council and voters: Stand up and be counted!

George Behrend, Woodinville