Tax dollars from Grace would help lighten fiscal load

Grace annexation I strongly support the Grace annexation. Here's an opportunity for Woodinville to include within its city limits an industrial area whose future development can only add to our tax base!
   Grace is on the outskirts of our town, which makes it a perfect location for industry. Some people have expressed concern over the cost of repairing and improving the road running through the Wellington Golf Course. That road will be the responsibility of the University of Washington, as they have purchased the golf course property, which includes the road running through it.
   We are a new city with some grand plans for enhancing the quality of life for the people of this community. These plans include the Jerry Wilmot Green Gateway Park and the Sorenson Center with its surrounding open space.
   These amenities for seniors, youth, and families can bring us all together in the central core of our city!
   When I said "yes" to cityhood, I did so for two reasons:
   First, and foremost, was to see our neighborhoods maintain their current small town character. This was what I moved here for, and I suspect that's why a lot of other families moved here.
   Second was the chance for the residents of the area to play an active role in seeing parks and other amenities become a reality for our families and future generations.
   We are in a unique position, with the opportunity to mold the future of Woodinville. We are now able to participate in the development of a beautiful park and see a community center become a reality.
   As an industrial area, the tax dollars from Grace would help to lighten the fiscal load on Woodinville taxpayers.

Cynthia Brocha, Woodinville