City decisions should be put to a vote of the people

city decisions In the spirit of the excellent letter in the Feb. 5 Woodinville Weekly by a Mr. Bill Stankus, I would like to add a few [new names for Woodinville].
   How about "No-Votes-Ville" or "Ruled-By-Elites-Ville," or maybe "We-Don't-Care-What-You (Peasants)-Think-Ville."
   How many in our incorporated area known as Woodinville voted on the "sign" that was put on the freeway off-ramp? "City Living, Country Style."
   Why are we a city? I would think a real vote of the residents of this incorporated area would prefer the designation of "Town of Woodinville."
   People don't move out here to get "City Living" as their preference. Heck, why don't we annex ourselves to Lynnwood, White Center, or Tukwila?
   With the stores at Alderwood at most a 15-20 minute drive away, stores in Redmond 15 minutes, Bellevue 15-20 minutes, Totem Lake 10-15 minutes, why asphaltize Woodinville?
   They want a park? Ha! Why not turn the planned shopping center in back of the former "Kids Cottage" into a nice park and athletic fields area? Why not landscape it and put in an outdoor pool? Fountains?
   How many residents of this "city" wanted it to be developed as such, and, more pointedly, how many residents voted on trying to kick the people of Canterbury Park out of their homes? Wasn't this decision voted on by only the ruling elite? Do the voters really want this large shopping center in the middle of our already congested city? When was the vote?
   Would the city ruling elite allow the people residing in this area to vote on the major issues? I would dearly love to see these major issues on a ballot, and not in some difficult to get to, or get your opinion heard, meeting.
   Voting on major issues doesn't have to be costly, and a simple method of voting places and ballot collection and counting could be set up.
   Why let the ruling elite ruin our town for their own interests?

Jim Bressani, Woodinville