Mad rush to ensure shopping dollars

shopping dollars Right on, Mr. Stankus! We couldn't agree with you more! If we had wanted to live next door to a strip mall, we would have bought a home in Kirkland or Redmond.
   It has been a pleasure to do our shopping in Woodinville where we didn't have to spend hours in traffic, sitting at lights or maneuvering through vast parking lots, dodging cars and hunting for parking spaces.
   It was nice to be able to walk from Ernst to Armadillo's and feel we were part of a small, cared-for town.
   If the intention of this mad rush by our civic fathers to become a "Kirkland Wannabe" is to insure Woodinville gets its "fair share" of our shopping dollars, they have accomplished exactly the opposite.
   Once the "improvements" begin, we will be heading for Duvall--and we won't be back.

Linda Eisenhart, John Eisenhart, Woodinville