IRS announces 1995 free assistance programs

tax assistance The Seattle District of the Internal Revenue Service has several free services available during the 1996 filing season.

Troop 909 wins again

Klondike Derby For the second year in a row, Boy Scout Troop 909's Raccoon Patrol walked away from the Northlakes District Klondike Derby with the First Place Award.

McMahons welcome additions to the farm

newborn calves When carloads of children line up on Hollywood Hill to see the newborn calves on John and Helen McMahon's farm, it would seem that what was common in the not-too-distant past for many has today become quite unusual, especially for children.

A hopping good time

sock hop More than 250 Cottage Lake students and their parents showed up Jan. 26 at the Leota Junior High School Gym for an old-fashioned sock hop.

Some tax refund direct deposit forms are filed incorrectly, according to IRS

tax refunds The Internal Revenue Service is finding that some taxpayers are incorrectly filing Direct Deposit forms, causing their refunds to be mailed instead. The agency has advice for taxpayers to avoid this problem.

Want to sell your real estate with no capital gains tax, no trades, no 1031 exchanges?

avoid taxes Want to sell your real estate with no capital gains tax, no trades, no 1031 exchanges? What an idea! How does it work? How can I take advantage of this "tax strategy?"

Are you ready for retirement?

retirement Although Americans work over 90,000 hours in their lifetime, they virtually spend one day preparing for it. One way you can plan now is to utilize your company's 401 (k) Plan.

Who will inherit your estate?

inheritance Have you ever stopped to consider who will inherit the rewards of your life's work? Will it be by your family? A favorite charity? Or will it be the federal government?

Different kinds of credit

kinds of credit Consumers can be confused by all the terms given to the different types of credit available.

tax facts

1995 Tax Facts