McMahons welcome additions to the farm

new calves

New calves take a look at their new world.
Photo by Karen Diefendorf/Woodinville Weekly.

newborn calves by Karen Diefendorf
When carloads of children line up on Hollywood Hill to see the newborn calves on John and Helen McMahon's farm, it would seem that what was common in the not-too-distant past for many has today become quite unusual, especially for children.
   For many young people, their only contact with farm animals is in the barns at area fairgrounds.
   Even in the pouring rain, a certain satisfaction is to be had in putting on a rain slicker and rubber boots to follow John McMahon through the squishy field on a tour of his farm and meet his newest additions, born Jan. 30 and 31 and Feb. 2.
   Observing the three young Herefords, who are watched over by their friendly--if quite large--mothers, is a reminder that in the rush to build, develop, improve, and modernize, there are some very important aspects of our past that should not be forgotten or paved over.
   The calves are most interested these days in exploring their new world and keeping a watchful eye on their mothers so as not to miss a mealtime.
   The calves are named Edith (after McMahon's sister-in-law), Rebecca (for the Lions Club cook), and Tonya (after Tonya St. Berg, a neighbor).
   Other residents on the 10-acre McMahon farm include one peacock, two peahens, a large lonely Canada goose, and of course, the requisite chickens and ducks.