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Local police beat

police beat by Richard Matros
On Feb. 4, near the 19500 block of 181st NE, a Woodinville resident found a cellular phone laying partially in the ditch in front of her property. The resident declined her rights to claim the phone if the owner could not be found.
   Also on Feb. 4, a snowboard was stolen from a local bike and ski store. The store clerk reported that he had just finished hot-waxing a customer's board and placed it outside the door to cool. Upon returning to get the board, it was gone. There is no suspect information at this time. The board was valued at $300.00.
   Two junior high students were cited for larceny at a local grocery store. Store security observed one of the suspects place a can of deodorant in his jacket pocket and leave the store without paying for the merchandise. A subsequent search of the other suspect produced a package of pilfered Gummy Worms. Total value of the items was $3.78.
   On Feb. 6, unknown suspect(s) ran over and scattered the remnants of a local printing shop mailbox all over the roadway. A street sign and speed limit sign were also damaged.