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News from the Metro King County Council

County Council by Louise Miller, Woodinville, County Council Vice Chair
The Central Puget Sound Growth Mangement Hearings Board determined in case 95-30008 that parts of the King County Comprehensive Plan and related development regulations were not in compliance with requirements of the state Growth Management Act (GMA).
   The board remanded these items to King County to make appropriate changes to achieve compliance or, in some cases, to justify compliance by March.
   The Metropolitan King County Council will hear the Executive's proposal for compliance in the form of proposed Ordinances No. 96-118 and 96-129, amending the King County Comprehensive Plan (including policies, maps, and text), and corresponding regulations.
   The proposed ordinances make recommendations to comply with the state Growth Management Act. Of particular interest to the residents of District 3 is the Urban Growth Designation on the Bear Creek UPDs.
   Ordinances 96-118 and 96-129 recommend amending the plan and corresponding development regulations for the UPD area to allow "new Fully-Contained Communities" as described in the GMA. This may include establishing a special overlay district or zoning.
   In addition to the Bear Creek UPD issue, these ordinances will also address individual property and land use map changes.
   The schedule for public hearings on these ordinances continues with public testimony before Growth Management Committee, Feb. 14; committee recommendation to full council, Feb. 21; full council public hearing, Feb. 26; and full council action on March 11.