WHS receives award from Safeway

award received Last October, Safeway and the Woodinville High School athletic department joined forces to include the community in the school's homecoming festivities and at the same time earned $1000 for the cheerleaders and athletic program.
   Rob Jones, store manager at the Cottage Lake Safeway, and Jessey Smith, W.H.S. cheerleader and Safeway courtesy clerk, came up with the game plan. The other cheerleaders, football players, coaches, and Gridiron members joined in.
   The Saturday morning before the homecoming game, the team and the cheerleaders decorated the store with Falcon colors and homecoming signs. During the day, the girls passed out flowers while the football players helped shoppers with their groceries.
   While all this was going on, Jones was taking pictures of the event and later put together a portfolio featuring the school colors, photos, and the publicity flyers that had been used. These were all sent to the Safeway Divisional Office, which sponsors a contest rewarding individual stores for their involvement in school and community activities.
   The 2nd place cash the W.H.S. athletics department received will be used to help pay off the cheerleaders' uniform debt and will benefit the football program at the school.