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Suicide: A preventable tragedy

suicide prevention Suicide is one of the major public health problems in King county. Currently it is the ninth-leading cause of death in the total population, the second-leading cause of death for young adults, and the third-leading cause of death for teens.

Distressed children growing up in distressed communities

distressed children The University of Washington's Washington Kids Count recently released a big-picture report on the well-being of children in Washington state, a new study that takes a close-up look at how children are faring in our state.

Letters to the Editor

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Concerted attempt underway to kill the GMA

Growth Management Act It's fascinating to observe Gary Locke and those King County Council members who agree with him huffing and puffing about how unfair Ken Behring is in not honoring his contract to keep the Seahawks here until the year 2005.

Plugged culverts, not development, caused washout

plugged culverts I don't know who is supplying the Woodinville Weekly with its Hollywood Intersection flooding information (Feb. 12 issue), but it sounds as if it's coming from King County Surface Water Management.

Cost of annexing Grace will be borne by current taxpayers

annexing Grace There are some in this community who feel that annexing Grace is going to fill the city coffers to overflowing. I do not believe they have listened to those of us who are concerned about the costs which will be borne by us, the current taxpayers and businesses.

Salvation Army disaster funds depleted

disaster funds In spite of all that has been accomplished, severe need remains in many communities. The Salvation Army's Disaster Relief Funds have been depleted.

Mountain out of a mole hill

mole hills We live in a residential area called "The Farm," which is surrounded by a few rural farms. We get a little ridiculous at times on The Farm.