Concerted attempt underway to kill the GMA

Growth Management Act It's fascinating to observe Gary Locke and those King County Council members who agree with him huffing and puffing about how unfair Ken Behring is in not honoring his contract to keep the Seahawks here until the year 2005.
   In 1990, the people of this state thought they had a contract to manage growth: the Growth Management Act (GMA). The intent of that act was to preserve rural areas by preventing urban sprawl.
   Instead, under Locke's leadership and the County Council's almost unanimous "following," a concerted attempt is underway to kill the GMA.
   Although superficially, the ploys of Locke and his cohorts seem aimed only to satisfy the greed of two huge developers (and campaign contributors) who want to create new urban islands in forested land far outside the established urban areas--Blakely Ridge and Northridge--what they really will do is make the GMA worthless.
   While Locke displays all this righteous resentment at Behring's dishonorable actions, the fact is that he and his accomplices are willing to deprive residents of the Bear Creek area of legal protection.
   In the end, this would cheat the entire state out of sound laws to manage growth and protect the environment. How about that?

Barbara Beeson, Redmond