Cost of annexing Grace will be borne by current taxpayers

annexing Grace There are some in this community who feel that annexing Grace is going to fill the city coffers to overflowing. I do not believe they have listened to those of us who are concerned about the cost of development and maintenance which will be borne by us, the current taxpayers and businesses.
   It has been said that Grace will bring in $200,000 per year in revenues. While that sounds good, it is also estimated the bare-bones budget for serving the Grace area will be at least $100,000 per year. The city will have but $100,000 a year net.
   Snohomish County, in their most recent six-year plan, has estimated that it will take almost two million ($2,000,000) just to bring one road in Grace up to standard. That does not include sidewalks, curbs, and street lights, which could bring the total to close to three million ($3,000,000).
   With many other roads in Grace also in need of upgrading, the city could be looking at more than $5,000,000 to bring the infrastructure up to urban standards. At $100,000 per year, it will take at least 50 years before the city breaks even.
   It is the citizens and businesses of Woodinville who will bear the brunt of these development costs. Is this where you want your tax money to go?
   Look at the condition of the streets in your neighborhood! Do you want your tax money to go to Grace? Or would you prefer that it be used for sidewalks for your children and streets that aren't falling apart?
   Ask those who are for the annexation at any cost (and the city has spent over $20,000 of your money fighting Snohomish County) to give you the facts on costs to bring the infrastructure up to urban standards rather than the generalities that they tend to throw around, along with a "trust me, of course I'll respect you in the morning."
   If it can be honestly documented that more dollars will come into the city coffers than will go out, I will be right there to jump on the bandwagon. I care about the city of Woodinville and its citizens.
   So far no one has been able to show me that this outlay of money will be of benefit to anyone other than "The Friends of Woodinville" and the property owners in Grace.
   Anyone see a tax increase to repair our streets?

Bob Dixon, Woodinville