Mountain out of a mole hill

mole hills We live in a residential area called "The Farm," which is surrounded by a few rural farms. We get a little ridiculous at times on The Farm. For instance, our neighbor named their home "Rose Bud," so we decided to follow suit and named ours "The Hillside Manor."
   Even so, every home in the development has at least one acre, and some of the properties have horses. The animals we have at the Hillside Manor are my daughter's iguana, the family greyhound, and my South Korean pond fish, none of which take much time to care for.
   However, having such a big yard requires maintenance which my husband, Roger, believes he can do and save some money. He does lovely yard work when he's home, as he had to have his John Deere tractor, being from Iowa.
   The problem lies with his having to take so many business trips during the year, so Roger isn't able to ride his pride and joy or use the other equipment necessary "to keep up with the Joneses."
   Consequently, when hubby was out of town, a neighbor told me "our moles" were in their yard. For the life of me, I don't remember giving birth to any moles, but stranger things have happened here at the Hillside Manor!
   Another time, we needed to find out the location of the pump for the septic system on our property. For that reason, we went and talked to an engineer at Public Works.
   I told the representative there were a couple of mole hills on the hill septic system and when it rains, water comes gushing out of those holes. The engineer exclaimed, "Don't let the moles make holes in the hill! They could do damage to the system." Well, I certainly didn't give the "kids" (moles) permission to play in the septic sand!
   Since the critters needed to be stopped from their road to distraction, I contacted The Farm's caretaker. We agreed on a deal where he was paid for each mole killed. You have to be strong as Atlas to set those traps!
   Thank goodness the "kids" (moles) have halted their outdoor underground activities since winter. But I'm sure they'll be out and about come spring.
   The traps can be set by a neighboring farmer, my sons when they visit, or there's Roger, if he's not on his John Deere and when he's in town!

Tonya St. Berg, Woodinville