1996-1997 Teen Northshore Teen Board meets

Teen Northshore Area teen representatives met February 12 with the Teen Northshore Board to organize their 1996-1997 year. The Teen Board is composed of representatives from each junior high and high school in the Northshore School District, as well as representatives from youth organizations.
   The Teen Board is planning on their first event, which is "Celebrate Woodinville" on March 30. The teens will have a float in the parade, will be helping with Karaoke and the Children's Activity Fair, and will be working on the "Teen Mix for '96" dance. Teens are encouraged to contact the Teen Board and volunteer to work on teen activities.
   Those attending the meeting were:
   Canyon Park Junior High: Michelle Cinkovich, 9th grade representative; Michael Diaz, 9th grade alternate; Chelsea Malmquist, 8th grade representative.
   Kenmore Junior High: Tara Suraez, 7th grade representative; Jennifer Cady, 7th grade alternate; Meegan Delaney, 8th grade representative; Charissa Thompson, 8th grade alternate; David Freeburg, 9th grade representative; Rajit Jain, 9th grade alternate; Katie Ness, 9th grade alternate.
   Skyview Junior High: Danny Forbes, 7th grade representative; Matt Cyphert, 9th grade representative.
   Woodinville High School: Brittny Borgeson, 1995 Co-President of Teen Board; Erica Coffey, Co-Vice-President of Teen Board; Ericka Bolinger, 11th grade representative; Kim Richards, 11th grade alternate.
   SAS representatives: Wendy Howard and Sarah Wax.
   Dave Leggett and Catherine Howard, Teen Northshore Board Members, will be working with the teens on all activities and events. The next meeting is February 26 at 3 p.m at Rickettes. For further information, call Dave Leggett at 483-2131.