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City Council sets discussion calendar for Civic Center project

Two main decision models to be presented Feb. 20

Civic Center by Jeff Switzer, staff reporter
In anticipation of a May 21 election date, the Woodinville City Council has formulated a schedule allowing them to put the Sorenson School bond issue on the ballot, should they choose that route.
   Two main decision models and a menu of other options are to be presented to the council Feb. 20. The council will also be addressing land costs, physical plant improvements, site improvements, program costs, tenant/user options and improvements, plus a thumbnail sketch of financing options.
   Decision Model I outlines $9,596,400 for land acquisition for the 10.5 acres of Sorenson and three acres for parking, in addition to construction of parking, trails, and a pedestrian signal for the Wilmot Park; seismic and health improvements to the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse; and some basic user improvements to both the schoolhouse and the Sorenson buildings.
   Decision Model II is $11,510,000, spending the same on user improvements for both the schoolhouse and the Sorenson buildings and upgrades to the schoolhouse, but adding the purchase of additional land and spending $660,000 more for additional parking beyond the three acres, the future 133rd Avenue NE, and more landscaping.
   The menu above the two decision models includes the purchase of additional land; user improvements; more site improvements; and gym, pool and kitchen upgrades.
   On Feb. 26, the council will be taking a more in-depth look at the financing sources. On Mar. 4, the council is scheduled to conclude discussions and give staff direction regarding the purchasing and financing of the project. The ordinance is scheduled to have first and second readings Mar. 11 and 25. King County must be notified by Apr. 5 for the May 21 election.
   A Citizens Advisory Panel has recommended that the council put the $7 million bond issue before Woodinville voters, allowing the city to secure the Sorenson School site and buildings, as well as an additional three acres to the south, all with the intent of developing the site as a Community Civic Center.