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Woodinville cook named Bake-Off finalist

Pam Fulton

Pam Fulton discusses her winning recipe in the Woodinville Weekly kitchen.
Photo by Karen Diefendorf/Woodinville Weekly.

Bake-Off finalist by Karen Diefendorf
Pam Fulton of Woodinville doesn't exactly fit the accepted mold of a Pillsbury Bake-Off Finalist. However, in spite of the fact that neither she nor her friends consider her much of a cook, she will travel to Dallas to compete for $1 million in the national competition.
   Before Pam and husband Bob moved to Woodinville nine months ago, she had little free time. During her years in Washington, D.C., she had worked for a Senator, a Congressman, and the Republican National Party. And as busy as she was, there was little time for cooking or baking.
   Since she has been here, though, she has had some spare time, and last fall, she saw an advertisement in a magazine for the Pillsbury Bake-Off. It wasn't the baking that interested her as much as the grand award of $1 million. She was so excited about the prospect that she urged all her friends to enter.
   "I wanted someone I knew to be chosen. I never dreamed it would be me," Fulton said.
   To meet the October deadline for entering an original recipe, she began playing with various ideas and old family favorites using the eligible Pillsbury products.
   What she finally came up with was a brownie dessert that was a surprise hit with family and friends. Shortly after Thanksgiving, she was notified that she was one of the finalists, which came as a total surprise, considering the thousands of entrees received by Pillsbury.
   Fulton will be preparing her brownie dessert in the Special Occasion dessert category Feb. 26 in Dallas. The Bake-Off Awards Program will be broadcast the following morning on CBS. Viewers can call the toll-free 800 number shown on the screen to vote for their favorite recipe. One telephone caller will be randomly selected to win a $10,000 Kenmore Kitchen appliance makeover. The winner whose recipe is rated most appealing by the call-in votes will also receive a Kenmore makeover.