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Senate supplemental budget heavy on education funding

supplemental budget The Washington State Senate supplemental budget proposal passed last week includes a total of $192 million to boost enrollment at public colleges and universities, buy new classroom equipment and technology, help working families afford college, and make public schools safer.
   The bulk of the money, about $150 million, will be one-time investments from the state's $730 million budget surplus. The budget includes funds to:   The Senate budget also establishes a $28 million "Child Protection" initiative that focuses on protecting children under state supervision who live in foster homes, group homes, or with at-risk families. Highlights include:   Another provision is $1.1 million to hire experienced, outside experts to correct mismanagement problems within the Children & Family Services Division of DSHS. Experts skilled in helping dysfunctional organizations get back on track would work intensively with frontline workers and supervisions over a nine-month period to develop and implement workable solutions.
   The Senate budget provides for $140 million more in education than does the House budget: $66 million more in K-12 public schools and $74 million more in state colleges and universities.
   The $150 million supplemental budget increases total 1995-97 spending by less than one percent to $17.749 billion, $150 million below the Initiative-601 limit, while still maintaining a $353 million emergency cash reserve.