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County working on flood damage repair

flood damage The King County Road Services Division is now estimating that the road damage caused by the recent flooding will total nearly $5 million. The county hopes to be reimbursed for more than half of this damage through federal and state grants.
   Following a preliminary inventory of damage, the Road Services Division is facing more than 600 major and minor repair projects in unincorporated King County. All available crews are now working on the repairs, and the division hopes to have the majority of the projects completed in February.
   Officials said approximately 23 of the repair projects are considered major, each costing more than $35,000, with several over $100,000. The total cost for these major repairs is about $3.8 million. Crews have already completed three of the projects and are currently working on nine others. Design work or soils analysis are underway on the remaining projects. Most of these major projects should be done within six weeks, but some may take longer, officials said.
   The flooding also caused minor damage at approximately 110 road locations. These minor repair projects involve culvert cleaning, shoulder or road repair, or slide removal. Most of these projects will cost about $2,000 to $3,000, with the total expected to be about $600,000. The division has already finished 30 of these repairs.
   The most common projects involve cleanup work such as minor slide removal, culvert clearing, or minor shoulder or road repairs. The division has identified about 500 of these small-scale projects and has already completed approximately 250. The total cost for this cleanup work is about $500,000, officials said.