It's a small world

preschool student

Eyes of wonder: a young explorer from Northshore Co-op Preschool.

field trip Area youngsters recently enjoyed exploring a world scaled down to their size at the Children's Museum in the Seattle Center as part of a field trip with the Northshore Community Co-op Preschool.
   Field trips are a regular part of the curriculum at the preschool. Other outings this school year include a farm, the Kenmore Air Harbor, a fire station, and the Seattle Aquarium.
   Teacher and director Michael Butler said he feels field trips are an important part of the preschool curriculum. "Young children need hands-on experience with the world," he said. "When they've had direct contact with a place or thing, reading about it is so much more interesting to them."
   Northshore Community Co-op Preschool, located in Woodinville, still has openings for ages 2-5, and registration for the 1996-97 school year begins the second week of March. The preschool is a cooperative: parents attend one day a week and help run the preschool.
   Northshore Co-op is affiliated with Shoreline Community College. For more information, call 485-4860.