Voices can be heard at party caucuses

party caucuses This is your chance to stand up and be counted. On March 5, you have a chance to really have your voice heard at your local precinct caucuses.
   The naysayers will often say, what is the use? I am only one vote! Not so at your precinct caucus. I hate to have to admit that the attendance is often poor to terrible, so if you are there, your voice is loud and clear. The system works best when there are a lot of voices.
   You and I will be voting on the planks in your party's platform and will elect delegates to the County Convention of your party, be it Republican or Democrat.
   Your choice of president will be voted upon, and half of the delegate votes will be determined in the caucus. The other half will be selected via the Presidential Primary a little later.
   So BE THERE. Your party and your candidates are counting on you.
   I will be hosting a caucus for the Republican Party at my home for my precinct near Leota. Call me at 483-2947 if you have any questions.
   To find out where your caucus is located, call the King or Snohomish County Offices of your declared party.
   Hope to see you there!

Frank W. Peep, Woodinville