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Arbor Month program targets growth areas

Arbor Month Responding to requests from community groups around the state, Washington's 1996 Arbor Day and Arbor Month program will offer communities help with their tree-planting efforts in areas where new homes and businesses are going in.
   For the state's 79th annual Arbor Month in April, the Washington Arbor Day Council is providing seedling species that are suitable for soil types typically found in the state's community growth areas.
   This year, the council will provide additional species such as incense cedar, yellow-twig dogwood, and serviceberry to participating community groups.
   The council also will provide increased quantities of some species previously offered, such as western red cedar, Port Orford cedar, ponderosa pine, western larch, and Douglas fir.
   By law, Washington observes Arbor Day annually on the second Wednesday in April. This year's celebration will take place on April 10.
   The 1996 Arbor Day celebration is expected to involve more than 10,000 school children and adults in tree-planting and education projects statewide.
   For further information or to place an order, contact the Arbor Day Information Line at 360-902-1155. Orders should be placed by Mar. 15.
   The publication Arbor Leaf, available at public libraries, provides a "how-to" guide for individuals or community groups who want to plan tree planting projects in observance of Arbor Day. Articles can be photocopied without concern for copyright. For more information, call 360-902-1027.