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Officers buy boy a radio controlled car after running over first one

new toy car Redmond Police Officer Brian Steinbis was responding to a call on Feb. 10 in the Willowmoor Apartments on Leary Way, and while driving slowly through a parking lot there, saw a young boy playing with a radio controlled car.
   Steinbis drove past the boy, but didn't see the car. Looking in his rear-view window, Steinbis then saw the car go underneath his patrol car's wheels.
   He tried to stop, but felt the car bump when it ran over the toy. Steinbis contacted the boy, Kyle Brice, but the car was declared totalled. The police department was not responsible for the loss because of Steinbis' slow speed and the toy's travel underneath the rear wheels.
   Sgt. Butch Watson, Steinbis' supervisor, didn't want Kyle's lasting memory of the Redmond Police to be one of watching his radio controlled car being crushed under a police car.
   Watson contacted Redmond Police Officer's Association President Doug Shepard and board member Bill Corson, requesting that they pay for a new car for Kyle.
   They agreed, and on Feb. 22, Steinbis and Shepard went to Kyle's apartment and presented Kyle with a brand new Ricochet radio controlled car, along with a "D.A.R.E" T-shirt.