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Proponents of Cedar County to submit petitions

Cedar County Taking the next step toward creating Washington's 40th county, Cedar County proponents will submit petitions to Speaker of the State House Clyde Ballard on Feb. 28 at 1 p.m. in Olympia.
   "This is a victory in our fight to give the people who live in rural King County more control over their future," said Lois Gustafson.
   Under the Washington State Constitution new counties are created not by an election at the polls, but by a majority of the voters within the proposed county boundaries signing a petition. To succeed, Cedar County proponents must submit at least 21,800 valid signatures. According to organizers, more than 23,000 signatures will be submitted. The Cedar County Committee was formed in 1992.
   "It's important for the people who support Cedar County to join us in Olympia on Feb. 28 for this historic occasion," Gustafson said. "And don't forget to bring any petitions you may still have. We can use every extra signature we can get."
   After submission to the Speaker of the House, the petitions asking for creation of Cedar County will be forwarded to the Secretary of State with instructions to copy the petitions and send them to the office of King County Records & Elections for signature validation.
   After the completion of the validation process, the Secretary of State will then certify the results to the Legislature as to the number of valid signatures submitted. The Legislature must then approve the new county boundaries by statute.
   The proposed boundaries of Cedar County are roughly the size of Pierce County but with a population of approximately 150,000. Proponents say two separate boundary review studies have shown that the new county will generate enough revenue (along with a surplus) to finance local operations.