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Helping to solve the tragedy of domestic violence

domestic violence by the Domestic Violence Public Education Campaign
Escape from an abusive relationship can be a long and difficult road. Often, an offer of help from a friend, family member, or coworker can be just the kind of support an abused person needs to help her change her life.

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Modern automobiles far safer than those of the past

safer automobiles I read with great interest your recent article regarding the WSDOT proposal to increase speed limits on the state's interstate highways.

Enlarging culverts a band-aid approach to flooding problems

enlarging culverts I take issue with recent letters from Maxine Keesling blaming King County Surface Water Management for the recurring flooding problems on Hollywood Hill by not enlarging culverts.

Facts reinforce previous conclusion: Grace annexation is good for the city

Grace annexation Having a public discussion of the potential Grace annexation is a good thing. However, if we are going to use facts and figures to make our case, they must be accurate and complete.

No cheers for Cougar Mountain park acquisition

Cougar Mountain Instead of cheering that King County is adding another $300,000 worth of land, plus $1.14 million coming, to the insatiable maw of Cougar Mountain Park, we should be in deep mourning.

What is the big deal about bashing mailboxes?

bashing mailboxes Again last night at about 12:22 a.m., I heard a noise that woke me up out of a sleep and I thought to myself, it couldn't have been.