What is the big deal about bashing mailboxes?

bashing mailboxes Again last night at about 12:22 a.m., I heard a noise that woke me up out of a sleep and I thought to myself, it couldn't have been.
   But when I went to get my paper this morning, it had been the noise I heard in the middle of the night: my mailbox had been hit.
   I have been lucky. The last time mailboxes were taken down, and that was by throwing big rocks that just shattered everything (this was about five years ago), my husband decided to put up a box that would take a lot of hits to destroy it, so he encased it in steel, and 2x6 treated wood.
   It has stood these last five years and yes, a few bashers have tried, and I'm sure all they have is a sore arm after the bashing.
   Whoever was out last night went for this box, as it has held up, and again it is still there, stout as can be, a little worse for the wear and maybe I'll have to replace one of the 2x6's, but I hope whoever hit it got a little jar himself and is hurting this morning.
   And, I hope whoever does this sort of thing for kicks, when they grow up, will have their mailbox knocked off every Friday night!
   It has been awhile since the bashers have been up on the hill, and I can't for the life of me figure out what is such a big deal going around destroying mailboxes? Can any one of you who do this have the guts to explain why?

Linda Eulberg, a Hollywood Hill resident for 27 years