Program offers drivers free oil

free oil Beginning March 1 and continuing through the month of April, King County, in conjunction with Unocal 76 and 35 automotive service shops, will present the "Shift Gears" Program, offering King County drivers free oil and labor as an incentive to try rerefined oil.
   Unocal will provide Unocal Firebird rerefined oil, and participating shops will provide the labor. The only cost to the consumer will be the oil filter and any used oil disposal fee.
   "We are very excited to introduce a program that provides a risk-free opportunity to try this quality product and to demonstrate another simple way to be environmentally friendly," said Candy S. Cox, King County Marketing Commission Executive Director.
   The "Shift Gears" Program is part of an effort to increase awareness about rerefined oil. Because motor oil can be rerefined into a high quality product over and over again, rerefined oil is an excellent way to conserve petroleum resources, she said.
   "Motor oil's base lube stock is extremely durable," Dan Klusman, "Shift Gears" project manager said. "Rerefining rescues this valuable base stock from used oil. The potential impact of shifting to rerefined oil is tremendous when you consider that there are about one million cars in King County alone, and that each car requires four oil changes a year."
   The potential savings, coupled with the proven quality and reliability of rerefined oil, inspired King County to create the program.
   Service Stations participating locally include Premium Tune 'n Lube, 17511 68th NE, Kenmore, 486-5600; Long's Automotive, 16140 Woodinville- Redmond Road NE, 481-1739; and Woodinville Unocal 76, 13002 NE 177th Pl. Woodinville, 483-1400.