Woodinville 4-H Club hosts kickoff Quiz Bowl

4-H members

From left, 4-H members Carly Bishop, Alicia Knoll, and Coleen Mahoney at the Quiz Bowl.

Quiz Bowl Woodinville's 4-H Pygmy Goat club Mixed Masters hosted the first Quiz Bowl of the year last week in Everett. The event included young people 6 to 14, who were separated into age groups and asked a variety of questions.
   All Pygmy Goat 4-H clubs in Snohomish County were invited to participate, and Mixed Masters club leader Ken Craig said he was pleased with the large turnout of kids..."human kids, that is!"
   The club members were also excited. "It's great to see everyone again, and it's neat so many new kids are getting involved in 4-H, because it's so much fun and you learn new things while you're having a blast!" said Carly Bishop, 12, of Woodinville.
   "Quiz Bowl is always the kick-off event and one of many events the Snohomish County 4-H organization will be sponsoring this year," added Debbie Bond.
   Many 4-H leaders agree that kids in 4-H learn to serve the community well. It isn't just about caring for an animal: members learn the importance of keeping accurate records, plus citizenship, sportsmanship, and the value of cooperation.
   "Being in 4-H is more than just showing your animals at the fair, because we do projects all the time," Bishop said.
   Anyone interested in more information about the many types of 4-H clubs in their area is encouraged to call Louis Turner at the Cooperative Extension Office in Everett at (206) 338-2400.