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Wastewater line to run from Bothell to Woodinville

Unique 'public art' proposed

wastewater line by Jeff Switzer
Due to growth in the area, the King County Water Pollution Control Division, formerly Metro, is designing two 24,000-foot pipelines and a new pump station which will transport wastewater from Bothell, Woodinville, and Snohomish County to the station at Willows Road and then to the treatment plant in Renton.
   The county will be seeking permits in April or May, and construction for the $43 million project is scheduled to begin in spring 1997 and completed by the end of 1998.
   Currently, wastewater is transported around the north end of Lake Washington to the Westpoint treatment plant, but this run through Kenmore is now at capacity: it sent a 12-hour flow of raw sewage into the Sammamish River during the latest floods.
   If approved, the proposed pump station would be located on a lot near the Allstate building in the Quadrant business park, and the pipeline would run behind the Home Depot lot and south through Woodinville along SR-202, mostly within the Burlington Northern Railroad right-of-way.
   The pipeline would then run between Columbia Winery and the Redhook Brewery, continuing south to the York pump station at NE 124th Street and Willows Road. This route was chosen because of the minimal disruption to traffic, as only one train per day runs on the tracks and construction will be away from the road.
   The two 30-inch force mains would transport as much as 36 million gallons per day and will lie 12 to 18 inches apart. Because they are force mains, they are said to be more flexible, cheaper, and eliminate the possibility for odor found with gravity lines.
   In an attempt to give more animation to the project and move away from merely being functional, artist Norie Sato is working with the county and has produced several conceptual ideas for the pump station.
   One concept inverts the roof, channeling the rainwater runoff into a water sculpture on the side of the building, possibly incorporating tilting bamboo to add animation to the sculpture.
   Another concept, called the "Flow/Glow," would have a light tower which would get brighter depending on how much wastewater was going through the station or how stormy it was.
   The third concept uses excavated dirt from the pump station to create ripples in semi-concentric circles moving away from the station, as if a pebble had disturbed the surface of a pond.