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City considering changing DUI standard

State Supreme Court says no to .08 level

DUI standard by Jeff Switzer, staff reporter
In response to the December 1995 State Supreme Court case Seattle v. Williams, which held that a city cannot adopt a .08 alcohol breath standard for the crime of "Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants" (DUI), the City of Woodinville will be taking a look at amending its .08 requirement to comply with state law.
   The state's standard remains at .10. Woodinville adopted its .08 breath standard for DUI and for Actual Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle under Ordinance 93. In March 1995, the city also passed an ordinance adopting the 1994 Omnibus Drunk Driving Act penalties for the two offenses in order to be consistent with state law.
   For their Mar. 4 meeting, a staff report to the council from City Police Administrator Sgt. Rich Krogh says "the recent decision by the State Supreme Court and changes in the penalties created by the 1995 legislature makes it necessary to again revise our city ordinance to conform to the state law."
   The proposed ordinance for council discussion would establish the .10 state breath standard for DUI and Actual Physical Control and adopt the 1995 state Legislature's penalties for both.
   The amended language would also make it a misdemeanor to operate a motor vehicle under the age of 21 with an alcohol concentration of .02 or more as shown by analysis of breath or blood content.