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Local police beat

police beat by Richard Matros
On Feb. 13, two portable CD players were stolen from a local electronics store. The manager reported that two white males and one white female in their mid-thirties had entered the store approximately six times. During their visits the three would ask for items which required the manager to go to the back room to retrieve them. After she refused, the three would leave, only to return and ask for something else. The night clerk reported the suspects returned two more times that evening. The CD players, valued at $400, were noticed missing the next day.
   On Feb. 17, a car was broken into at the Woodinville High School parking lot. The victim returned from competing in the state wrestling championship and found the driver's side door broken and the stereo, speakers, and many personal items missing.
   A Woodinville resident playing in the woods on Feb. 18 near the 15100 block of NE 201st found a dune buggy. Police reported that the ATV, complete with roll cage, was inoperable and unable to be towed, and was left at the scene.
   On Feb. 19, unknown suspect(s) broke out several windows at Leota Jr. High School and gained entrance to the cafeteria. The school alarm had been deactivated in preparation for the arrival of construction workers due Monday morning. Four boxes of candy and a liter of Coke were taken from the student store. A soccer ball, described as old and beat-up, was booked into evidence.
   Police were notified on Feb. 21 that two generators had been stolen from a local telephone company near the 16000 block of Woodinville/Redmond Rd. Six Homelite generators had been sitting on a trailer parked in the locked fenced yard and covered with a tarp, but still visible from the road. Unknown suspect(s) cut the lock and wheeled off two of the generators, valued at $1700. The remaining four generators were moved to a new undisclosed location.
   On Feb. 25 near the 18300 block of NE 198th, uknown suspect(s) spray painted over the house numbers on a stand of mailboxes. Also, near the 18100 block of NE 196th, a swastika was spray painted on a van window. An area check for the spray can was negative.