Student writers to compete in district competition

district competition Bear Creek School (TBCS) elementary students entered a Young Authors and Illustrators Olympics last month, writing, illustrating, and binding their stories for a festival organized by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
   TBCS asked a panel of four judges to review the students' stories and select the most outstanding to represent the school at district and regional levels.
   Winners were:
   Kindergarten: Elizabeth Binford, Kassi Holmquist, Julie Lindemann, Megan Perara, Jesse Wetter, and Kalie Worman. First Grade: Rachel Cupp, Mark Henry, Aubrey Lange, Anna Luecken, Colin Maass, James Reinhart. Second grade: Kristin Braun, Raleigh Edwards, Ali Lavin, Allison Mathis, Julie Paylor, Kristen Shomber. Third Grade: Catherine Banton, Jennifer Cupp, Chelsea Evans, Anna Lavin, Megan Maass, Molly Perara. Fourth Grade: Laura Alcorn, Lauren Simpson, Chanelle Soleim, Sarah Switzer. Fifth Grade: Melissa Blankenbeckler, Nina Hester, Derek McCrory, Curtis McCullough, Eric Pitts, Elizabeth Price. Sixth Grade: Susan Kim, Elise Peterson, Holly Thomas, B.J. Webber.
   The district competition will take place Mar. 8 at Snohomish County Christian School. The regional event, later this spring, will draw students from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.
   The Bear Creek School is a private Christian school with 200 students in grades K-12.