Falcons season ends at district

Falcons action

Woodinville defenders Jeremy Harris, Eric Foltz, Tim Corum, and Dave Saunders keep Redmond from the basket during action in the Falcons game Saturday.
Photo by Russ Paris.

season ends by Russ Paris, special to the Woodinville Weekly
With Woodinville's leading scorer, Marques Tuiasosopo, out with an injury, the Falcons found themselves hampered against Redmond in Saturday's Wes-Sea-King tournament and were unable to make up the difference.
   Tuiasosopo hurt his knee in Wednesday's Sea-King game against Franklin, and tendonitis set in before Saturday's game against the 4th-ranked Mustangs.
   The injury posed a dilemma for Woodinville: play the junior all-Kingco league forward and risk more injury, or keep him out and give up his 15.6 per game scoring average and strong rebouding ability.
   "The decision was made by Marques and me to not play. It was an extremely tough decision as this was a winner-to-state loser-out game. His knee stiffened up. He tried treatment and tried to stretch it out but he felt he could not go at full intensity," Coach Joe Meagher said.
   The new starting line-up of Tim Burrows, Sean Brix, Casey Ford, Jeremy Harris, and Kurt Mason played hard to take up the slack.
   With the center court clock at U.W. Edmundson Pavilion showing five minutes left in the first half, Woodinville was within three points of the lead. Fouls, however, forced Meagher to substitute deeper into the bench allowing Redmond's Chris Hunter to run and Brian Falkenburg to roam the base line freely. Woodinville fell to a 36-21 halftime deficit.
   The Falcons outrebounded Redmond, but their cold 30 percent shooting (11 for 36) vs. Redmond's 14 for 28 (50%) never allowed them back into the game. The final score was Redmond 71, Woodinville 48.
   "It was a great season. This team accomplished many of its goals. They know they were within one game of getting into the state tournament," Meagher said.