Cedar County will give citizens back their government

Cedar County When Cedar County becomes a reality, the citizens will get their government back.
   Some families have paid King County property taxes for several generations--mine has since 1884, when my great-grandparents, Herman and Elizabeth Ranta, settled here.
   Each citizen owns a just proportion of King County's considerable wealth: the buildings, equipment, machinery, carpools, jails, etc.
   As stated clearly in the Washington State constitution, the "Enabling Legislation" to create a new county will establish a ratio between King and Cedar County for equitable delineation of all assets and debts. The Washington State Association of Counties has thoroughly reviewed Cedar County research and found the data reasonable. A two-year period is planned to smoothly transfer all services and responsibilities.
   Where appropriate, interlocal agreements will be made between King County and the new Cedar County for jointly contracted services, as well. Nothing will be lost.
   The new Cedar County will have offices and services at the center of the populace. Much of the mechanics of daily governance will be executed in private homes via the computer and fax machine. Government will be accessible to its citizens via neighborhood telecommunications centers, particularly in the decision-making stage.
   Cottage government will allow much less need for transportation infrastructure, immense office buildings, commuter time, etc. and will foster family values via the integration of production and consumption.
   A great deal of money will be saved. In this government of the future, ad hoc interagency committees, made up of experts in information gathering and problem solving from the community, will form quickly to solve a particular need and, when their goal is reached, disband.
   There will be fewer career bureaucrats that spend their entire career on one narrow discipline, and more paid citizen participation in the daily demands of the community. They will know the conditions of the subregion and will be accountable to their neighbors.
   Cedar County will not be corridored off into specialized cliques of uptown professionals, like fraternal orders, that protect their own first and maybe serve the community some of the time, but not usually.
   Cedar County will be a place where citizens can invest in the future. Taxes will not go to support a nonresponsive, self-serving bureaucratic structure, controlled by those that do not live here and have no accountability to the local citizens.
   Developers will not be allowed to come in, make big bucks, and then leave the long-term problems and sacrifices to the landowners. Only ordinances that can be reasonably and equitably enforced will be passed. An updated bonding and "is it reasonable" judicial system will give long-term protection to the landowners and those "downstream."
   Private land ownership and the free market system will automatically and naturally regulate community growth with minimal regulations, ordinances and interference.
   Today we have a human ecological crisis that is really a crisis of spirituality. King County spends far more on parks, trails, and reactive penal punishment than on terrible human suffering, like homeless, sick, and dying people on our streets. Cedar County will be a place where people come first.
   This statement was not made by a committee but by one person willing to participate in government and make a difference.
   To be part of this grass-roots movement, contact your state representative at 1-800-562-6000 to say yes to government "Of the People and By the People."

Fonda Rae Zimmerman, Cedar County supporter